Friends Terms

By creating an account on the Unsigned Coalition website to become a friend, you agree to the values and goals of the collective. Meaning:

  1. You will not copy music from any sources, and will not make an illegal copy for anyone, because this is stealing from the artists who need proper compensation for their work to be able to keep making music,
  2. You will make every effort to buy the music directly from the artists, or from accepted sources that pay a fair amount to artists, because this helps sustain their work,
  3. You will try to make sure they are compensated for their workby checking whether a platform or partner is following legal and approved practices and actively support artists,
  4. You will not promote streaming platforms until they are paying artists a fair compensation, because you understand that streaming is little more than legalized pirating,
  5. You will support the Unsigned Coalition by spreading the word and talking about the issues of the music industry, because you want this movement to grow and help the change,
  6. You will report any good partner that can be added to our lists, and equally report any partner who is not respecting our definition of ethical use of music. If you hear of any non-ethical actions from partners who have been granted a “Recommended” or “Approved” seal, you will report it so that the Unsigned Coalition can take actions to remove its approval, because you want everyone to know about the good partners, and make sure we are not promoting the ones hurting the music industry. If a partner is recommended or approved, it means it complies with the recommended or approved requirements for partners, if you have knowledge that this is not the case, you will need to let the Unsigned Coalition know.