The issues

The music industry is in a shambles.

It is a fact that the companies ruling the music world are software/internet companies like Apple, Google/Youtube, Spotify or Amazon. Even Facebook is making moves to enter the music licensing business.

Problem is that for the huge majority of artists, these companies are not compensating musicians fairly (an understatement!).

Not only that, they are often facing lawsuits, Spotify holding the record related to copyrights infringements, offering big settlements, Youtube being unfairly protected by obsolete Safe Harbor laws or Pandora using copyrights loopholes to further avoid royalties payments, the list goes on…

But, what choice do we have? As artists, we want our music played. If these guys are running the show, we just have to go along with it. Don’t we? They are too big to fight against.

This is where we come in. We want to change the way music is played and distributed, allowing artists a much bigger say in how, when and where their music is played. We also want to see artists appropriately compensated for their work.

Current rates of payment devalue artists’ works to a point where it is impossible for artists to make a fair living despite their works being played thousands of times a month. This damages the sustainability of music at the grass roots level.

We believe it’s time to wake up and take responsibilities for our music and trust its value if we want others to find value in it.

What do we want?

We want an ethical redistribution of wealth in the music industry.
We want to fight for ethical use of our music.
We want to fight against an unsustainable situation that will leave no way for future artists to earn a decent living from their work, and ultimately will kill all original music in its infancy.

How will this happen?

By artists joining together and agreeing to core values and a charter of principles, with clear goals in mind.

By being mindful of our actions, online and off, and only supporting those who behave in accordance with these principles. We have more power than we realise. But only if we work together.

By ensuring that every artist, that wants to and works towards it, gets a chance to earning a decent living from their work.

By agreeing to a charter that defines the ethics of airplay and music distribution that we want to support.

As artists we need to take responsibility for our own careers. As artists we have something valuable to negotiate with, our music. Without our music to play, all the different platforms would have nothing to sell. They produce nothing themselves, they need us more than they let people realize. Because ultimately, their product is our music.

So why reward unethical practices? We should be working only with people that do the right thing, because ultimately this will work to everyone’s benefit. This means only supporting the partners who respect the law and are acting in the best interest of artists and listeners. There are plenty out there, it’s just a matter of identifying them, and getting the word out there.


Next, read about our goals and values to understand how we intend to put this into practice and what values we want to defend.

Then read about what tools and information this website is providing to help reaching our objective and be a resources for all.