Our goals

  • Promote one another’s work using our own networks of followers to introduce great new music to the world.
  • Grant “Recommended” and “Approved” seals, rewarding ethical radio stations, podcasts, shows, blogs, reviewers, journalists, venues, promoters etc. based on their action and the feedback of all the artists who have agreed to this charter and its values.
  • Develop an industry that allows those who want it and work hard for it to have a long, meaningful and sustainable career in music.
  • Be a resource for the artists and the listeners to know and favour the partners who adhere to ethical principles and values.
  • Be a resource for artists and partners allowing them to connect and network.

How we can effect change

  • Refuse to support platforms that are not actively supporting us,
  • Stop giving away our music for free,
  • Refuse to pay for airplay or review or for the right to play in a venue,
  • Refuse to waiver our copyright for airplay,
  • Communicate with fellow artists. Share our experiences, good and bad. Learn from each other and establish a network of affiliates and friends who share our views and goals,
  • Talk to our music loving mates. Let them know the best way they can support the music that they love,
  • Network and lobby with all the organization that actively work to defend artists rights all over the world,
  • Share Share Share – hear something great from a fellow artist? Tell the world about it. Hear about a radio that does a lot to support unsigned artists, doing it right? Tell the world about it. Hear of a fantastic venue that support unsigned music and artists? Tell the world about it…

What we propose to do

We will host lists of members and supporters, as well as lists of recommended or approved partners, and a list of friends for everyone to consult and benefit from.

We will discourage the uploading of original music for streaming until fairer rates per stream are paid to artists and discourage linking to unfair platforms.

We will champion and actively encourage direct points of sale between the listener and the artist shop/website, or at least fair sales platforms.

We will educate listeners about the ethical ways to consume and enjoy music, and that by doing so they really are protecting the future of music and the artists themselves.

We will provide tools and information to help educate listeners and fans.

We will build a hub where artists and partners can meet and work together to support the unsigned music world.

We will work together as artists, partners and fans to create a cohesive and organised community which welcomes, educates listeners and new artists, who will hopefully in turn, help to further this ethos among their peers.

We will provide a forum where everyone can debate about the ethical issues of today’s music industry. Artists, but also anyone involved, and anyone interested, are welcome to participate in this debate.

Read next about the values we hold dear, which will direct our actions.