Our values

The Unsigned Coalition is bound by our attachment to core values that define our behavior online and off.

These values are:

1. Integrity and Fairness: Integrity is doing what is right regardless of the consequence. We believe that our actions should always be fair and not infringe on the rights of others.

2. Respect: Respect is treating others as well as yourself with courtesy. We believe we should respect others, but also respect our music as well as others’ music and not do anything that might devalue it in any way.

3. Responsibility: Responsibility means having self-control. We believe that we should take responsibilities for our actions, and be an example of how things can be done according to ethical values.

4. Openness: Openness means being able to accept comments and criticisms. We believe we should always listen to other’s point of views and see how they do fit with our core values.

5. Equality: Equality is recognizing that we are all the same. Anyone should be free to join and be represented regardless of any political affiliation, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation or personal beliefs, as long as they adhere to the values that we hold dear.

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