Supporters Terms

By creating an account on the Unsigned Coalition website to become a supporter, you agree to some of the values and goals of the collective. Meaning:

  1. You will avoid giving your music for free* since giving it for free devalues it (and that of all other artists) in the minds of the listeners,
  2. You might want to put your music on some streaming platforms but will not promote these links and always privilege downloads and link to your website or to a fair platform, because you recognize that this is not sustainable and you get nothing from linking to streaming platforms when you have every advantage to link to your website and fair download platforms,
  3. You will not promote any platform that is unethical at its core, because you understand that by doing so you encourage your fans and followers to use these platforms.
  4. You will refuse to pay for play on radio stations or showsbecause this encourages scams and collusion,
  5. You will refuse to pay or cheat for a place in any chartbecause this is an unfair practice that doesn’t respect the value of music, yours as much as everyone else’s,
  6. You will refuse to pay a venue for a gigbecause you know you should not encourage these practices that are endangering the musical scene,
  7. You will not sign any waiver to yield your rights to anyone in exchange for airplaybecause you don’t want to have your music stolen or used without a clear visibility of what you can gain in exchange,
  8. You will educate my fans and people around you, including other artists and fans, about the issues of ethical use of music,
  9. You will support the actions of the Unsigned Coalition by sharing and talking about its actions as much as possible, because you want this movement to grow and have a lasting impact,
  10. You will report any good partner that can be added to our lists, and equally report any partner who is not respecting our definition of ethical use of music. If you hear of any non-ethical actions from partners who have been granted a “Recommended” or “Approved” seal, you will report it so that we can take actions to remove our approval, because you want everyone to know about the good partners, and make sure we are not promoting the ones hurting the music industry. If a partner is recommended or approved, it means it complies with the values and goals of the Unsigned Coalition, if you have knowledge that this is not the case, you will let us know.

* No music for free here means:

Your music can be played in full on your own website, as videos, and on platforms that allow limited plays (like Bandcamp, wehre you can configure a limited number of plays before asking for payment).

Anywhere else where your music can be streamed for free or without fair retribution should only have snippets of your songs. This is should be true of any official release.

Demos and work in progress, or live videos or acoustic version which are not part of your official releases are exempt from these restrictions.

You can also send your music to friends and family of course, or some of your music as a gift to your best fans or mailing list subscribers, or as an incentive against email addresses for example.