The website

Because this is the 21st century and because we live all over the world a central website alongside connected social media actions using shared hashtags will form a meeting place and community hub for everyone to share thoughts, experiences and most importantly MUSIC.

These resources will include:

  • a list of members and supporters. See the FAQ for more information about the difference between members and supporters.
  • a list of “Recommended” and “Approved” partners. See the FAQ for the distinction between these two types of partners.
  • a list of friends, individual who support the Unsigned Coalition.
  • a reporting system that will allow artists to contribute to this list of recommended or approved partners, as to ensure they are introduced to artists looking for the right sort of exposure for their music.
  • a central hub from which direct access to all contributing artists and partners will be accessible.
  • a private hub where artists will be able to push their news (press release, new album, concert dates, etc.) to registered partners who will receive these news automatically via a RSS feed.
  • information and links for would be listeners and buyers, who we hope by becoming informed will begin to change their behavior to better support the sustainability of unsigned/independent music and to take pride in and feel a valued part of this artistic ‘ecosystem’ we all share and feel so passionately about.
  • advice and help to artists, for example on withdrawing content from stations/platforms retroactively (Withdrawal of Consent letter, DMCA strike)
  • up to date information and news of any changes in the industry that could be of consequence both good or bad for artists.
  • in time, we wish to add an open  forum for all issues affecting artists to be openly discussed and to provide a support network for all contributors, on all topics pertaining to the industry and ourselves as artists.

Each artist will have the same amount of links and exposure on the website and will be listed by alphabetical order, each partners will have the same amount of exposure. Not accounting any genre or taste discrimination, any artist agreeing to the values of the unsigned coalition will be welcome and their information and links hosted free of charge, partners information and link will also be hosted for free and access to the private hub will give them access to privileged information directly from the registered artists.

To note that this website is hosted for free, with money coming from members of the Unsigned Coalition. It is a non profit website and does not intend to sell anything to artists or partners.